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EmblemHealth’s Health Care Reform App

EmblemHealth’s Health Care Reform app takes you on a lively multimedia journey through New York’s health care reform scene. Download it for free to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

With animated clips and a trivia game show, the app will both entertain and deliver all-important health insurance basics. And, with our interactive checklists and resource page, you can store, organize and set reminders for doctor visits and personal health needs.

If you’re seeking individual or family health care coverage, the app will calculate your costs and possible financial assistance, while leading you to the plan that’s the best fit for you, your budget and your needs. You’ll also find answers to questions about President Obama’s health care law and how it impacts you.*
The app combines utility and ease, with humor and fun for a well-rounded look at health care reform and more. You’re sure to wow your friends with the expertise you’ll gain in just one sitting.

Tech. details:

Adobe AIR App , Starling and Citrus Engine, ANE calendar distriq

Away3D 4.1.6 Release

The Away3D Team & The Away Foundation are pleased to announce a new update of the Away3D Flash engine, Away3D 4.1.6. This update contains may fixes and optimisations to the core functionality of the library, and we recommend updating any projects currently using Away3D 4.1 to take full advantage of these improvements. The release has also been fully tested with the newly launched Flash Player 12 and AIR 4.0 runtimes

Alongside the fixes and optimisations, there have been several minor additions to functionality in order to assist with some problems we see regularly in Away3D use. These include:

  • Automatic smoothing option on 3DS files with no smoothing group data
  • Better event handling for adding and removing efffects methods on materials
  • Spritesheet animator compatibility with shadows
  • Coordinate system selector on lenses allowing the use of either left or right-handed projection systems

From DiaDraw:

The second edition of Easy Native Extensions is out

And it’s not just one book, there are three!

  • Easy Native Extensions takes you through building an ANE and automating its packaging with a single click;

  • iOS Debugging Guide helps you debug native code and walks you through common build, packaging and runtime problems and their fixes;

  • iOS Data Types adds to your arsenal a library of helper functions you can use to convert almost any data type between ActionScript and iOS.

All this comes with accompanying code.

But wait, that’s not all. There is a bonus for all of you early birds out there: buy any book package and get an iOS + Android ANE Template code free by end of June 2015.

Martin Bjeld Dev Lab: 3 Crates

I’m excited to show you a new iPhone game I just submitted to the app-store. Created with Adobe AIR, Starling, FeathersUI, Nape and Assetifier.

This game was very fun to make, and for the first time I decided to try to use Graphic artist and Audio makers from Fiverr.com. Im blown away with the quality of the Assets I had created by 2 very talented artist found on Fiverr.com.

Used in this project:

Feathers 2.2 BETA released

Josh Tynjala: “This upcoming release will include a new media player framework, new Iris and Wipe transitions, and new FlowLayout and WaterfallLayout layouts. You’ll also find the usual batch of bug fixes and minor new features. For complete details, please take a look at the release notes. “

Nespresso Stage3D website.

Built with Away3DLite with Flash10 GPU fallback support.

Alternativa3D Particles demo: