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Adobe AIR cross-platform apps: Chronogram

No matter if you’re a busy marketer, a home maker, a social manager or a journalist, Chronogram will be able to help improve your overall Instagram experience. It’s sleek, easy to use and most importantly, it boosts productivity.


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Adobe AIR games: Totem Adventure

Nicolas Mariotti: "Just finished my new game with Away3D. At the heart of the ruins of an ancient civilization , discover the adventure / puzzle game Totem Adventure! Overcome obstacles and escape deadly traps with your Totem.”

Currently available for iOS. Android version soon.

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.
Virtual Guide with 360 degree panoramas.

Simple, fast & clean. Made with Flash Player 11.


Scripts for Away3D 4.0. A collection of scripts I use to help my workflow in Away3D. Most of these classes can be seen in action here Elbphilarmonie 3D Tour.


FFDec is a decompiling tool for Flash SWF files. It can view source code of ActionScript ½ or 3 parts, export it or edit (p-code editor for AS3). Texts or images can be edited or replaced. It’s also possible to export shapes, images, sounds or movies.

The tool is written in Java, which grants a multiple platforms nature. Some of FFDec features include: exporting scripts, images, shapes, movies, sounds; powerful decompilation method featuring deobfuscation; editing via assembler source (AS1/2 and AS3); clicking decompiled source highlights P-code associated instruction and vice-versa; saving modified actionscript back to the file; replacing images, editing text; displaying SWF resources (shapes, sprites, fonts, buttons…) (Windows only); built-in proxy server for editing SWF files which come through it.

via AS3GameGears

Flash Online Conference #6

We are done with the 6th Flash Online Conference. It was really interesting content mix. We’ve learned a lot about Citrus and Rave AI engines, Uber-shaders in GLSL, Particle System in Genome2D Engine, cool TypeScript language introduction for as3 flash-developers and all about the physics in games.

  • Aymeric Lamboley “Citrus Engine, from zero to ninja”
  • Jean-Marc Le Roux “Minko: targeting Flash/Stage3D with C++ and GLSL”
  • Peter “shtif” Stefcek “Genome2D: Advanced particle systems”
  • Gary Paluk and Karim Beyrouti “Away3D TypeScript”
  • Ariel Nehmad “A different approach for handling physics and collision detection in games”

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