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HLAG is a high level shader language that compiles to AGAL code for use in Adobe Flash or Adobe AIR projects.

From Ross Mcverry:

Written in AIR for creating AGAL from high level shader code. Its still early alpha at the moment but i’d like to get some feedback from Flash Developers on what could be done for improvements. It exports as an XML format which I am hoping other engines will support if it becomes more popular. I will provide documentation soon but there is some information on the website.


FGL published 3rd Quarter earnings: gaming market is growing, including Flash!

With more than twenty million dollars paid out to developers, FGL is the most important marketplace for web and mobile web gaming, so having a look at their figures can give us a clear idea of upcoming trends.


Adobe AIR games: Hello Space

Hello Space is an addictive endless-arcade game for mobile devices. Players ride a space ship among the asteroids using right and left controls, collect power-ups like turret, shield, laser and many more. It’s available on Google Play now. App Store version is coming soon.

Game was developed with Adobe AIR, Starling and Nape. Game uses various ANE libraries for game services, advertisement, shares and transactions.


Integrating Starling and Away3D

Learn how to layer 2D Starling content together with your 3D content using new features in Away3D 4.


From Martin Bjeld:

I started to post a bit again. Mainly Starling, Feathers and other related AIR development.


Avengers: Global Chaos: Flash and Unity project

This project was completely a while ago but it took a while for me to get an okay from to post about the development of this project. Its a pitty that it was done as a flash game in a time when the platform lost its glory. But I hope that you enjoy this write up and screenshot collection of behind the scenes as I think there are several unique techniques and ideas used for the development that I haven’t come across myself before elsewhere.

The game was built using the Starling framework. Nape physics was used for the engine, andDragon Bones for the character animations. For the levels we used the Unity Editor that allowed us to export the levels into AS3 code, that would then compile into the game engine.
A special build of ShoeBox repacked Dragon Bones and level sprites into master sprite sheets.

The game features 13 Levels, 13 unique enemies, over 240 sounds effects, more than 170 lines of dialogue and about 250 painted sprites.


EVOFLASH is a group of flash coders. Authors of 99er, ADHDTV, Who Killed Travolta?, Spiral out and some others. Demoscene is in da building!