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Comenia Script: Meadow Letters

The application “Comenia Script: Meadow Letters” is a game for the littlest writers.

We have recently launched our app for iOS and Android. We use classic display list with GPU renderMode. For physics we use nape. IAP ANE is from distriqt.

- iOS
- Android

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2D Game Engine that uses Box2D, Starling, and Signals

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Debug transpiled ActionScript in Firefox with source maps

With Apache FlexJS, we can write code in ActionScript instead of JavaScript, and we benefit from compile-time error checking and cool IDE features like code hinting. Writing code is only one part of a developer’s job, though. We also spend a lot of time tracking down bugs in our code. Using the trace() function to display text in the console only gets us so far. Sometimes, we need a full-featured debugger with breakpoints, the call stack, and a list of all variables in scope.


Daniel Brown: “This is my lab where I archive interactive and generative projects that you can actually play with online right now.”

Sample lab works:


Apache Flex / Adobe Air library to make ease to work with Workers

No more burden to create an other project and / or an extra SWF for your Worker, everything is in-memory, don’t deal anymore with MessageChannel and other low level API, use Thread an Events.

Includes all the used classes and nothing more (except if you want to), register for you your typed object to pass them back and forth the Worker.