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New features summary for Adobe Animate CC

The February 2016 release of Animate (Animate CC 2015.1) offers you integration with Creative Cloud Libaries and Adobe Stock, a new brush library, Typekit integration, content scaling, stage rotation and scaling, SVG file import, onion skinning enhancements, OAM publishing support, tagged swatches, and projector support. Read on to learn more about the features included in this release.

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Presentation for Adobe Community groups.


A wrapper for Actionscript 3.0’s NetGroup and RTMFP Multicasting abilities to create quick P2P multiplayer games over local networks or Adobe Cirrus The example project included shows you how to connect over a local network or Cirrus as well as how to post and receive messages. Library works best for applications meant to have less than 13 simultaneous realtime connections.