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Limon released (samples included).

‘Limon is an MVC framework developed in ActionScript 3.0 and designed for the implementation of application architectures Based Flash with support for 3D API Molehill .

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Outstanding sound & visual interactive experience created by Resn:

[ Never Stop. Never Settle. ]

( view and listen with a good set of speakers or headphones!)

Brief Explanation

“Hennessy V.S. invites you on an immersive journey as part of the "Wild Rabbit” rebranding campaign for Hennessy V.S. What’s your ambition? What motivates you? What are you chasing? What is your Wild Rabbit? A dream-like interactive experience at NeverStopNeverSettle.com is designed to bring people closer to the answer. We partnered with an interactive agency to take the Wild Rabbit online, sending users down an infinite rabbit hole. By exploring this surreal, abstract, black-and-white world, users discover the inspirations of Manny Pacquiao, Erykah Badu and Martin Scorsese, and get closer to understanding their own Wild Rabbit.“



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