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Flash Professional has been the tool of choice for creating animations for over two decades now. Recent improvements are geared towards making Flash Pro CC the tool of choice for creating animations for the next two decades.


Material design spinner extension for Feathers

A simple animated display object for apps powered byStarling and Feathers.


Adobe AIR in 2016

Chris Campbell: “The team has been monitoring this thread as we work towards our Sutter release (AIR 21) and plan for the Townsend release in June (AIR 22). I know I’ve been less than prompt with our public roadmap updates so I thought I’d provide a list of what we’d *like* to accomplish the first half of 2016.

  • Video Texture for Flash Player
    This is the same feature present in AIR, now available across the different browsers and platforms for the Player

  • HiDPI support for AIR Desktop (Windows)
    We supported Retina displays when Apple introduced them, now that Win 8 and 10 have brought increased support we really want to get this platform parity in place.

  • Echo cancellation on Android & iOS
    This request has been around for a while and we’ve been blocked due to licensing restrictions. We’re now looking at native platform api’s to get this work done.

  • Linux PPAPI installers
    We need to complete this work so that the Ubuntu repositories aren’t the only place to find the latest Flash Player PPAPI plugin

  • Enterprise configurable LSO location & locale properties
    The varied enterprise environments have always posed a challenge for admins and Flash Player, this work should hopefully provide them increased performance and flexibility.

  • 64-bit AIR - Windows
    We’ve been wanting this for a long time (since the Mac 64-bit work was started.) Trying to work through some remaining dependencies and get this out to you.

  • CORS origin header support
    Important investigation and work required for Flash Player

  • iOS9 multitasking and split screen support
    iOS9 continues to innovate and we want to provide support for the best features that make sense for AIR

  • Support for HiDPI displays in Firefox on Windows
    Like AIR, Flash Player needs to do the right thing when it comes to displaying SWF’s on HiDPI devices on Firefox Windows. Just waiting for some needed API’s to be released by Mozilla and we’ll be on our way.

  • Decoupling the captive Flash Player plugin from the AIR runtime
    Did you know that the AIR runtime (both captive and shared) include a copy of the NPAPI release of Flash Player? It happens to be used by AIR’s Webkit when rendering HTML content that includes swf’s. We want to tighten up security and instead have AIR’s Webkit use the system player (which we can keep up to date separately.)

  • Stage3D asynchronous texture upload
    Who doesn’t like performance improvements?

  • Stage3D anti aliasing on mobile
    Or better looking graphics

  • Improved HTML5 Support in AIR desktop
    We’d like to collaborate with the community on this one. I was hoping to find someone that has created an ANE (using CEF or something else) and learn more about their experience. Ultimately, we’d prefer this end up as an open source project.

  • Support for Apple tvOS
    We’ve heard a few folks ask about this one and figured we’d give it a shot We’re shooting for an extended beta to start sometime in the Townsend timeframe.

Facebook app using your webcam and Away3d

Author comment:

“It has also been an opportunity to explore the new hardware-accelerated 3D capabilities of Flash Player 11, made available through Away3D v.4 (codename “Broomstick”). So far they seem pretty impressive.”

[ More info ] [ Facebook app ]


The Street Art Project

In a matter of weeks, the Less Rain team was able to create a mobile application to enable creative people, and in particular members of the Behance community, to showcase and share their artwork as “street art”—pasted on top of physical locations.

The Less Rain team used various inputs to achieve rapid development, including in-house code, third-party ActionScript 3 Libraries/Native Extensions, and Adobe AIR. Less Rain is using these tools to quickly leverage user generated content and Behance portfolios to develop the Street Art Project application.

The most challenging aspect of the application revolves around the creative tools. Less Rain optimized the color space transformations and some blend modes on assembly shaders, which were programmed in AGAL.

These assembly shaders were needed in Adobe AIR to create visual effects. While the team found three shaders that could have worked, using them simultaneously would have slowed the app down significantly. Moreover, they felt that this approach would not scale up properly if additional effects were added to the app. Ultimately, Less Rain built a single shader that sped up the process by a factor of three while optimizing many types of color space transformations and blend modes to create more realistic visual effects.



Kalley’s Machine Plus Cats

From Jon Alexander:

Kalley’s Machine Plus Cats is one of the Best New Apps in the AppStore starting September 11. We did it with straight-up Flash and Air.

I’ve used Flash since the 90s. So we just used the old school Display List and vector graphics to be able to scale to any resolution. The same exact stuff gets pushed to the iPhone and iPad. We’re amped because that means we’re already set to have crisp graphics for the iPhone 6 Plus.

The vector graphics allowed us to do some shape tween animation that you can’t get with bitmaps for unique stuff like a boiler that swells from pressure.

It’s exciting for us to see Apple take such an interest in our app. And it’s cool to know that it happened with Flash.



Adobe AIR PropertyCross App

This is an implementation of the PropertyCross application using Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), the SDK for which is freely available from Adobe. It also uses the Flex and Parsley frameworks, both of which are also freely available from Apache and Spicefactory.

To view the code and detailed build steps, see the github source.


Wonderfl Stage3D lab: 3D Flow Simulation (Starling)