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Nissan and Adobe Flash Player 11 Showcase Juke in 3D.

Incredibly immersive experience of discovering and driving the Nissan JUKE.

Bonus link: http://www.vimeo.com/30037797

Google Universal Analytics for ActionScript 3.0

First release of Google Universal Analytics for ActionScript 3.0

full support for: Flash Player, AIR, Redtamarin
it just works everywhere or almost everywhere :)

Here what is missing:

  • support for sessions
  • support for queued requests (offline mode)
  • support for JS Bridge
  • support for Enhanced E-Commerce
  • support for AIR.SWF in-browser API
  • support for Redtamarin Windows command-line

I tested the library as much as I could in a lot of different context
but there could still be some bugs laying around so please
report them in the issue tracker

Car customizer created using Minko 3D engine. Exhibited car is a Citroën DS3 with more than 150 000 polygons - rendered with dynamic lighting and reflection effects. The car is made of close to 400 different objects.

360|Flex - The Conference For Flex Developers

May 15-16, 2014 San Jose, CA.

360|Flex has returned to provide enterprise Flex developers an event to expand their skills and knowledge, to learn more about where Apache Flex is going, to explore new technologies that leverage their skills. To expand on testing, mobile, devops, and BaaS in the enterprise.