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Case Study: Drop Into Macca’s the mobile game

Adobe AIR with Starling Framework was used for both game play and UI.  Dynamic Texture Atlasing was used to create a responsive system  that attempts to accurately adjust screen layouts to any resolution thrown at it.
Adobe AIR also gave offered powerful desktop testing tools for rapid testing and debugging. So for those of you that think AIR is dead or not useful –  think again.
The app utilises some powerful ANE’s from Milkman Games. Including CoreMobile which gives AIR access to vibration control among many other cool things

A big Thanks to BenLeffler who was responsible for the Dynamic Texture Atlasing system which converts vector graphics into raster at runtime.
And to the Back-End engineer Dean Collins who put together an amazing server infrastructure for this project.


Flash Professional CC Q&A Recap

Here is the recap post from the Flash Professional CC Q&A I did with Adobe Customer Care yesterday. There was an overwhelming amount of interest which pushed the event a full 15+ minutes past the allotted time – which is great! This clearly demonstrates the passion and enthusiasm that people have for both Flash Professional CC and the wider Adobe Flash Platform.

MSN – The Butterfly Effect

An interactive story about how the most insignificant act by yourself eventually can change the news headlines of the future.

Northkingdom Blog:

We created a film experience where we put the user in a first person perspective. By the dynamic use of local MSN content and the users own Facebook data we were able to make the story seem as if it was about him or her. With the help of Oscar nominated director Patrik Eklund we created four alternate story paths as unexpected and somewhat bizarre chains of events originating in the initial choices made by the user. In the end the user could read and share baffling MSN articles about themselves. The tonality was made to resemble contemporary european cinematography. All to add to that ”Wow, I’m in a movie” effect. The build called for complex integration of MSN and Facebook API’s as well as mapping the dynamic visual content into the film. The project included localization for 16 different markets and 11 different languages.


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