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The Defector

The Defector is a first person interactive documentary where the viewer attempts escape from North Korea. Users progress through a linear story created from interviews and testimonials from real defectors.


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AdobeAIR cross-platform inspiration:

Miners’ Route - AdobeAIR / Flash app for Browser, iOS and Android.

Built with Starling & Nape.

ANE iOS + Android: Rich WebView

This extension is a perfect replacement to the classic StageWebView and it allows you to easily call Javascript functions from flash and send String messages from JS to flash.

FoxADHD Face GIFer

A feature of continual, simplistic entertainment, the Face GIFer (complete with hidden games and over 200 options) allowed users to make their own customized face GIF in the unique style of ADHD animation.

Source: FWA Submissions