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Slideshare: Using Adobe Gaming Tools for Education

Flash has always been an important enabler for education and with the current emphasis on gaming in both the Flash Platform and in educational gamification – it’s a good idea to keep up with what the platform now offers in terms of gaming frameworks for both teaching and learning. Perhaps you are an instructor who has been teaching Flash-related courses for years and now finds himself lost in this new world – or maybe you are a developer building educational experiences for k-12 or higher education and want a primer on what is available. No matter what your background is, you will come away from this session with a clearer perspective of how to utilize these new frameworks and workflow options in your work.

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Darts3D. Made with Flare3D / Stage3D.

GE Grid Explorer

This interactive power system is an ideal customer engagement tool that showcases the challenges facing utilities and GE’s solutions to enable a smarter grid. Users are immersed in a graphically rich environment and are able to “fly-through” the grid.

Built with Adobe AIR. Heavily uses StageVideo.

Video record: Flash Online Conference #12

We’ve finished Flash Online Conference #12! It was really amazing event with a lot of interesting info about Stage3D, Adobe AIR, Away3D, Feathers and BlendHX game engine.

Record is here!

1) “Video Texture on Android” – Nimisha, Chandra Prakash – Adobe
2) “ETC2(Ericsson Texture Compression) support in AIR” – Ridam Batra – Adobe
3) “iOS64 bit Support and Compilation Improvements” – Abhinav Dandh – Adobe
4) “Standard Extended Profile” – Mayank Bhagya – Adobe
5) “Away Update” – Rob Bateman – Away3D
6) “A Preview of Feathers 2.2 and the Feathers SDK” – Josh Tynjala – Feathers
7) “BlendHX, a game engine on top of AIR capabilities.” – Robert Kaveh

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See you soon on the next Flash Online Conference #13!

From AS3GameGears:

Grimace Project

Grimace is a free Flash-based web component which displays emotions through facial expressions of a comic-like face. It is based on the idea that the face can serve as an accurate representative of emotional information, which is difficult to express verbally. The face is simple yet highly expressive and can represent subtle emotional changes through arbitrary blending of 6 basic emotions. Delivered as a lightweight SWF file, Grimace can be conveniently integrated into your own project using Javascript, Flex, Flash IDE or pure Actionscript. Configuration entirely takes place through external XML-based files, which allow full customization.

[ Grimace Project ]