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secureSWF v4.5 - Revamped AIR Support

We’re super excited to announce the new version of secureSWF. We finally went the extra mile and completely ditched AIR SDK for repacking and resigning protected AIR files. With secureSWF v4.5, protecting AIR and APK files is just as straightforward as regular SWF files.

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Skrillex Quest

Extremally well executed Flash Video Game for mainstream electronic pop-step artist Skrillex. Powered with Alternativa3D 7 (Flash 10!).


Jason Oda:

Skrillex’s people approached me to do something and were pretty open to any ideas. We went through a few rounds of brainstorming and in the end went with the glitch idea. The glitch idea came from just an initial mock up I put together of the golden cartridge.

(source: MTV Hive)

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[ Play SkrillexQuest ]

Brainyplex - Supaplex Remake made with Starling

What’s new in Brainyplex comparing to Supaplex Remake? Here you are:

  • new graphics (but there is option to change it if you want classic)
  • completely new 60 levels
  • increasing level of difficulty
  • you can save game only using checkpoints
  • online leaderboards and profile pages (only for facebook players)
  • online save backup (only for facebook players) - no more save loss when browser clears your flash cookies


Adobe AIR apps: Popeyes Red Stick Staredown

The cross-platform app uses real-time facial recognition technology to track the user’s eye movements, something not traditionally found in mobile apps. Combined with various game mechanics, native phone functionality, and social integration, it delivers a unique and interactive experience.


ANE’s used: AirFlurry, MilkmanGames GoViral, BRF_NXT, Kochava

Away3D 4.1 Alpha release

The Away3D Team & The Away Foundation are pleased to announce the first release of the next major Away3D iteration. Imaginatively titled Away3D 4.1 Alpha, this update represents a significant leap forward, both in terms of performance and features. Many updates have come at the request of our community, while some have been added in order to enhance the multiplatform potential of the engine, setting the stage for what we hope will be a prolific period for Away3D games and apps across devices.

Away3D 4.1 Alpha demos:

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