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Entire CadetEditor Stack Open Sourced

Today we’re very pleased to announce a major milestone for the Cadet project – we have now open sourced the entire Cadet stack! This means that developers have full access to our editor code as seen in these videos.

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From B-REEL:

“We decided to take full advantage of the new improved 3D possibilities with hardware accelerated graphics inside Flash11 with Stage3D. So we created all objects inside the tunnel as live 3D meshes with scripted animations and actions.”

[ o2 Stimmungsbild ] [ More info ]

Car visualizer. Made using Stage3D and Flare3D.

Customize your car, explore it from all the angles, choose the material and color you want, fit the rims to your design and get going! Take it for a spin!

Made by Plus360Degrees.

Great article from Nicolas Barradeau about mesh tweaking with Away3D.

Full sources included.