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Typing Race

Available on iOS and Android.

  • You used to think that typing was boring, didn’t you?
  • Not right with TYPING RACE. Fun, simple, dynamic sound effect and useful game and it will take you to a totally different feeling. A best solution to practice and improve your typing skills.
  • Are you ready to test your typing speed and challenge your friends on a virtual keyboard?


  • Race with people on the world.
  • Challenge your friends to see who typed faster.
  • Practice and improve your typing speed.
  • Measure the average typing speed (Words per minute).
  • Sharing your race result and your typing speed.

Technical aspects:

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Case Study: Drop Into Macca’s the mobile game

Adobe AIR with Starling Framework was used for both game play and UI.  Dynamic Texture Atlasing was used to create a responsive system  that attempts to accurately adjust screen layouts to any resolution thrown at it.
Adobe AIR also gave offered powerful desktop testing tools for rapid testing and debugging. So for those of you that think AIR is dead or not useful –  think again.
The app utilises some powerful ANE’s from Milkman Games. Including CoreMobile which gives AIR access to vibration control among many other cool things

A big Thanks to BenLeffler who was responsible for the Dynamic Texture Atlasing system which converts vector graphics into raster at runtime.
And to the Back-End engineer Dean Collins who put together an amazing server infrastructure for this project.


Graviton 2

Graviton 2 is a little puzzle game by Namide (Damien Doussaud).
It derives from Graviton: a prototype created during a Ludum Dare (with a very different gameplay).

Graviton 2 is realized with OpenFL, originally to build smartphones versions; The power of Haxe language helped to code a powerfull C++ engine to generate precalculated levels.
A procedural algorithm created random levels and an artificial intelligence resolved them and attributed a difficulty score.
C++ helped to generate more than 13,000 levels for this game. They are saved in a file used by the Flash version.

The openfl version of Away3d is used for the graphic render.

This game can be build in: Flash, HTML5 (WebGL), Neko, C++…

Stage3D (Away3D Broomstick) demo + source script.