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Hi, my flash brothers!
We need your help. We are working on online project for a real estate and interior design, for two years and we’ve got really amazing results. That project use the latest features of Flash Player and will crucially affect on wide range users stance on flash technology.

It so happened that we need to get out of the unexpected financial difficulties. We would be very grateful for any help.

1. If you have friends, company directors and people interested in investing in IT, please recommend us to them:
AngelList: https://angel.co/realaxy
Demo link: http://bit.ly/13JbWLX
Handbook: http://dl.realaxy.com/handbook.pdf
Video: Realaxy Quick Overview
And contact me, I will give you an additional info

2. If you know any manufacturers or sellers of furniture, appliances, building materials and in general, any goods for home/office, show them our widgets:
for finishing materials and wallpapers: http://gonchar.me/blog/goncharposts/2035
for furniture, appliances: http://gonchar.me/blog/goncharposts/2054
for lamps, chandeliers: http://gonchar.me/blog/goncharposts/2049
All widgets are free.

[ More info ]


INSULTIFY is a fun, cross-platform context messaging game. Use it to creatively mug your friends right off. Go on, call your mate a muppet you toilet-water drinking buffoon. But seriously, connect with your friends via the app, press the Randomiser to generate an INSULTIFICATION until you’re able to call your best bud a fart in jar.