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Kinect Games

Interactive Kinect games - Adobe AIR + Starling + Nape Physics

This is only “home demo”. Application is in museum “Klovićevi dvori”, Zagreb - exhibition “Volim matematiku” (en: “I love math”).

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Unity 4.0 second public beta with many flash fixes and improvements released.

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SWF Renderer 2.0

SWF Renderer is an application that exports image sequences from SWF files: Render PNG sequences from timeline animations, coded generative content (AS2 / AS3) and Stage3D content using custom code.

From Karim Beyrouti:

It is a bit of a niche thing that runs on desktops and converts SWF files to image sequences. The old version of the app was somewhat popular and used by the likes Deadmau5, Time Warner, the BBC and a fair few animators/developers around the globe. I originally built it out of need, and am happy to see it’s helped a fair few along the way.

Aside from lots of new functionality and a new UI, one major change is: it is no longer a free application, and now costs €10. I plan to release updates, fixes (if any bugs are found) and provide support. The old version is still available for free (and will continue to be) however it is no longer maintained.

The new functionality has mainly been implemented from feedback and user requests over the past few years, as well as things I have wanted from the application. For me the nicest thing about it is: being able to capture Stage3D content using a custom renderer. The GIT repo contains an example showing how to use custom renderers, and in that case export a sequence with  Away3D.

Update 09/01/2014:

Just updated SWFRenderer to export MP4 vidoes, and JPEG sequences as well as the usual PNG output. Also added support for Starling Stage3D content.


DragonBones 4.1 released

We have two parts of updates.

The 1st part is DB AS Library. We introduced FastArmature to great improve performance about 300% in Starling framework. The secret of FastArmature is that it remove the animation mixing feature and add animation cache (back from 3.0). You can download it here.

The 2nd part is DB Pro the animation editor. We add Curve Editor, Onion skin tool and IK pose tool. You can download it here.


Flare3D + Native Mouse Lock + Nak Socket Server

New “work in progress” video that shows the new multiplayer game made by New NakStudio.