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Puppet Soccer Champions

Funny Football in Puppet World. Continue of popular Puppet Soccer 2014 featuring improved graphics, more variable gameplay, new funny power-ups (farty rocket).
It is very easy and fun to play for casual players.

Game features:

  • Over 30 football teams
  • More than 80 cartoon puppets
  • Special power-ups: ice, slime, bubble gum, farty rocket, gypsum
  • Upgrades, achievements, regulary added new players
  • Splitscreen multiplayer for two players on a single device


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Adobe AIR apps: Jobfit

Finding a job that’s right for you can be really tough, especially if you’ve been trying for a while. Jobfit helps you stay motivated while you’re looking for work, so you have a better chance of finding a job. It’s like a fitness app for your career, helping you stay on track to achieve your goals.

• add and manage job seeking activities
• set goals and track your performance
• earn points for every activity you complete
• try to beat your daily and weekly targets
• learn more about finding work with Fast Facts
• test your knowledge with fun quizzes
• get bonus achievements for staying Jobfit
• sync Jobfit with your jobactive JobSearch account


New Flash-Based Version of Angry Birds.


Better MovieClips with SwAG

MovieClips have been the stalwart workhorse of Flash since the very earliest days of ActionScript, so I’ll skip the details and gushing adoration and instead move on to some of the shortcomings:

  • MovieClips only play forward from the current frame. When building out animations without extra MovieClip functionality, playing animations backwards — a character in a game reversing, for example –requires a whole new timeline with the animation reversed. This produces a little extra memory overhead, even if symbols are re-used, but more importantly makes cross-linking the “forward” and “backward” clips challenging. For example, if a character is in a specific position on frame 5 of a “forward” animation, that frame might appear in frame 45 of the “backward” animation.
  • MovieClips only play at the global frame rate. Effectively, your game character can only run at one speed unless you include other MovieClips and then match them up, as best as possible, to the target speed.
  • MovieClips play holistically. When you play them, you must monitor their current frame if you want to stop at a specific point otherwise they’ll play all the way through. If you want to do this backwards, that’s even more work. If you want to play at a specific rate, ditto.
  • MovieClips have no triggers. If you want to know if frame 5 (or some label) has been reached, for example, you once again need to monitor the clip. Setting up multiple playback monitors is a bit of a pain.

So you can now probably guess what SwagMovieClip does.



Starling deep dive presentation slides

From Lee Brimelow:

“This presentation was given by me and Thibault at the recent Flash Gaming Summit in Seattle. Hopefully there will be some useful stuff for you in there.”