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Flash Professional CC February 2015 Update

Flash Professional CC team is proud to announce our February 2015 update ( which includes critical bug fixes and support for the following features –

  • Support for AIR 16/Flash Player 16 – This update will add the ability to publish 64 bit AIR apps for iOS 8.x in addition to support for Flash Player 16
  • HTML5 Canvas Optimizations – We’ve made significant updates to optimize the published content.  The published content will no longer have unused library items, assets on guide layers, hidden layers (based on publish settings) and unused frames in graphic symbols.  This should improve the size of your published content dramatically.
  • Audio Splitting – This feature will allow you to split your streaming sound on the timeline itself.
  • Masking support for Custom Platform SDK.
  • WebGL runtime support for the latest Chrome browser update.
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Football inspires! Bring life to your inspiration with Flare3D

The Game is simple, drag the ball to define power and direction. The shooting height is defined depending on the position you pick up the ball (picking the ball  in the bottom you get a height shot).  The game use physics and is really simple.

This example works with a custom Dev Build library (included with the example), this library was compiled only for development and testing purposes. If you want the latest and stable version of Flare3D you can get it from our website.

Take this example as inspiration, we will be happy if you take the challenge to build your own football game, adding moves, headers,dribbling, etc…


Adobe AIR games: The Button Game

@Zwick: “1 idea, 2 friends, 3 years, 900 commits, 23.000 lines of code, 1 baby, 2 engagements, 1 wedding, 2 continents and hundreds of hours in development. That’s our game.”

Download: iOS, Android


ND2Dx update: faster, more flexible, new rendering techniques, 3D transformations and new dynamic shader system.

From Thomas John / NoRabbit

Check the blog post for demos showing the new dynamic shader system, 3D transformations and the new performances with the direct gpu drawing technique.

It also goes through the changes that have been made and what to expect next.


360|Flex - The Conference For Flex Developers

May 15-16, 2014 San Jose, CA.

360|Flex has returned to provide enterprise Flex developers an event to expand their skills and knowledge, to learn more about where Apache Flex is going, to explore new technologies that leverage their skills. To expand on testing, mobile, devops, and BaaS in the enterprise.