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Bustin’ Bricks: Behind the Scenes

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Epic Game Ads is happy to announce WhipFlash, their new game funding and distribution partner! To celebrate this, Epic Game Ads LLC and WhipFlash, in cooperation with PlayerScale and Adobe, are happy to announce the first Epic Flash Game Contest.

In addition to the prizes, winners will receive a lifetime 50% Net Revenue from the game. Epic Game Ads will utilize their extensive network of portals and relationships with top game sites, to make sure your game is seen by millions of players around the world!

You must submit your game by Febuary 18th 2013, our beta testers will then have one month to play and rate all games. Finally, our expert judges will choose the winners from the top 20 best rated games by March 27th 2013 during GDC.

To get you started, PlayerScale will give you a free Player.IO Plus account you can use to develop your game!

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NPAPI Plugins in Firefox

Mozilla intends to remove support for most NPAPI plugins in Firefox by the end of 2016. Firefox began this process several years ago with manual plugin activation, allowing users to activate plugins only when they were necessary. This decision mirrors actions by other modern browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, which have already removed support for legacy plugins. Moreover, since new Firefox platforms do not have to support an existing ecosystem of users and plugins, new platforms such as 64-bit Firefox for Windows will launch without plugin support.

Because Adobe Flash is still a common part of the Web experience for most users, we will continue to support Flash within Firefox as an exception to the general plugin policy. Mozilla and Adobe will continue to collaborate to bring improvements to the Flash experience on Firefox, including on stability and performance, features and security architecture.


The Flash Facebook Likebox has a very similar functionality to the original Facebook Likebox application.

It contains:

  • name & image of Facebook page for this box
  • page visit button
  • users already like page counter
  • clickable profile photos
  • Facebook like preloader

Moreover, you can easily modify look and feel:

  • align to one of 4 sides or put it wherever you want
  • fonts style
  • row and columns count
  • button text

For using this application you need to have PHP with cURL enabled. Preview source and sample HTML and PHP files are included.

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Adobe AIR games: Frenchie Quest

Yeah…I put my dogs in their own video game!

Frenchie Quest is a side-scrolling adventure game about my 2 French Bulldogs named Ganon and Loki. Embark on an adventure across a mysterious island where you’ll face many different creatures, monsters and other sorts of trouble.

Frenchie Quest was built with Adobe AIR and is available for Android and iOS.

Frameworks include: Starling, Feathers, & the Citrus Engine. Also include the Adverts ANE from Distriqt and the GoViral ANE from Milkman Games.