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Flump animation tool update

Flump is a free, open source tool for converting Flash animations into bitmap-based, GPU-friendly keyframed scenegraph animations. Version 1.4 has a handful of changes that have been important to Antihero’s development, like texture atlas combining and command line support.

You give the Flump exporter a set of .FLAs and their corresponding .SWFs, and Flump spits out texture atlases and JSON or XML keyframe animation data. Flump comes with a Starling-based runtime library for playing Flump animations in Adobe AIR games. There are Flump runtime implementations for a variety of other languages and game frameworks, and you can create a new runtime for your favorite language if it’s not currently supported.
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The Next Step in AS3 Framework Evolution

Author of mvcExpress framework presents his vision of next step in AS3 MVC framework evolution.

Writing maintainable software fast – was never a trivial task, but MVC frameworks are here to help us! In this session you will see short reminder of MVC framework history, comparison of coding convenience and performance benchmark results for PureMVC, robotlegs and mvcExpress frameworks.

For those who does not enjoy seeing code or statistic tables as much as running applications, Raimundas will show dungeon editor/crawler to demonstrate mvcExpress modular programming features, designed to save even more time and headaches while developing games and applications.