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Dev Lab: Philips Hue Dev Video test

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lydbøgerforbørn 2

“Audiobooks for Children” is the good old tape recorder - now on iPhone and iPad !

Throw a blank tape in the VCR and record your own stories. In this way , children can get a story read by mom or dad anytime

An iPad and an iPhone is a wonderful medium for children. They can play, learn and find new challenges, but as a parent may well be concerned about the children broke the neck of the display and the number of minutes that quickly disappears only in the company of the iPad or an iPhone.

That is why we have produced “Audiobooks for Children” . With the app will be iPad and iPhone part of the children’s play without the sitting passive and stooped with his face buried in the screen.

Throw a great adventure in “ VCR ” and get “ Princess and the Pea ” read aloud while you turn the couch upside down and make it into a fairytale castle . Take the “Audiobooks for Children” in the car on long trips. Or at the restaurant, so the kids can enjoy themselves with “The Ugly Duckling ” , while mom and dad enjoy their coffee without badgering by about when the family going home.

Made with Starling & Feathers.


What Color Is This? from Nico Troia:

I’d like to share with you an app I built using Flash, Robotlegs, Starling and FeathersUI.

It was built primarily to learn the platform and to create a simple mobile framework for myself. The app is called What Color Is This? and it utilizes CameraRoll and CameraUI to load pictures, count pixels, and display a name result!

Source code is available online on Github.