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Adobe AIR games: Tiny Words Spelling Game

Tiny Words Spelling Game is a game that was crafted to help early readers recognize and memorize sight words with fun and engaging characters.  This game is made specifically for young beginner readers entering kindergarten, first and second grade to get a head start on reading.

Made with Starling, AS3, and Adobe AIR.

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MSN – The Butterfly Effect

An interactive story about how the most insignificant act by yourself eventually can change the news headlines of the future.

Northkingdom Blog:

We created a film experience where we put the user in a first person perspective. By the dynamic use of local MSN content and the users own Facebook data we were able to make the story seem as if it was about him or her. With the help of Oscar nominated director Patrik Eklund we created four alternate story paths as unexpected and somewhat bizarre chains of events originating in the initial choices made by the user. In the end the user could read and share baffling MSN articles about themselves. The tonality was made to resemble contemporary european cinematography. All to add to that ”Wow, I’m in a movie” effect. The build called for complex integration of MSN and Facebook API’s as well as mapping the dynamic visual content into the film. The project included localization for 16 different markets and 11 different languages.



Fresh Player Plugin Sees New Release (Pepper Flash Wrapper For Firefox)

As you probably know, the latest Adobe Flash Player is available on Linux only via Google Chrome (it’s bundled with it) while other browsers such as Firefox are stuck with an old 11.2 version.

The Adobe Flash Player plugin that’s bundled with Google Chrome is in the form of a PPAPI (or Pepper Plugin API) plugin and Mozilla isn’t interested in adding support for it. Because of this, Rinat Ibragimov has developed Fresh Player Plugin, a wrapper that allows Linux users to use Pepper Flash from Google Chrome in Firefox and other NPAPI-compatible browsers.

Adobe AIR / Adobe Flash cross-platform inspiration:

San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s Tiger Trail

Tiger Trail runs smoothly with 60fps on iPad & Web browser!

Built with: Away3D, Starling, Feathers and GAF animations.

RED Interactive:

The Tull Family Tiger Trail exhibit opens at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park on Memorial Day 2014. To celebrate the opening, we launched Tiger Trail, a fun and educational game that immerses users to the exotic world of the Sumatran tiger. With fewer than 400 Sumatran tigers roaming the wild today, Tiger Trail exposes many of the dangers and threats impacting the survival of the endangered species in their natural environment. In the game, players are challenged to collect food and power ups to build their tigers’ strength, and skillfully navigate them through blazing fires and razor sharp traps to a protected reserve. Developed with a custom 3-D isometric game engine, Tiger Trail engages players of all ages with a variety of exciting levels and increasingly difficult challenges. Tigers may be king of the jungle, but now they need your help to survive.

App description:

Blazing fires and razor sharp traps are just a few of the dangers standing between your tiger and his freedom. Collect food and power-ups to build your tiger’s strength. Skillfully guide him past obstacles and through the wilds of Sumatra in this epic adventure from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The tiger may be the king of the jungle, but this time he needs your help to survive.

Tiger Trail celebrates the opening of the Tull Family Tiger Trail at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park – where you can see real tigers in all their glory.

Tiger Trail Highlights:

· A variety of exciting levels designed to test your skill with increasingly difficult challenges
· Stop & Go gameplay: tap anywhere on the screen to “stop” the tiger in its tracks and avoid obstacles, then release to let the tiger continue through the trap
· 3D isometric view gives a bird’s eye view of the gameplay