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Minko Physics Stacking Stress Test

Minko physics is probably one of the most awaited features for this new year. I will not cover it extensively right now - I’ll rather post a few demos in a later post - but if you must know it was designed to be the fastest 3D physics engine for ActionScript 3 and the Flash platform.


Evolua Educational App

Evolva is an educational application. The idea is to turn it into a center of knowledge with various interactive courses.

By registering, the user immediately gains a course of Enem, analogous to the American SAT (We are from Brazil).

Starling, Feathers and TexturePacker used.



Flox - The No-Fuzz Game Backend

Flox is a server backend and can be the complete server-side of your games. Hands-free. It offers a wide range of game-centric features including:

  • analytics & charts,
  • log file & error introspection,
  • leaderboards & highscores,
  • player identification & authentication and
  • a nifty way of storing, retrieving and querying your game-related custom data. (We’re especially proud of that one!)

But that’s really not all that’s to it. There are a bunch of softer features that make it especially interesting for you:

  • It comes with a Flash/ActionScript SDK and is a perfect match with the Starling Framework.
  • It runs in the Google AppEngine and is extremely scalable. Like, throw-all-your-players-at-us-if-you-dare scalable.
  • It’s quick to set up and maintenance-free. You code your games, let us do the dirty work.
  • It’s designed for games. Everything that’s in there makes sense for game development.
  • It’s been tested in a private beta for months by many a brave developer (Thanks guys!) and just entered it’s public beta phase.

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Easy Native Extensions Marketplace

From DiaDraw Team:

“Screen Recorder Native Extension” - We have just opened our ANE marketplace and that’s one of the first extensions we added to it

About DiaDraw:

We help software developers build apps and reach new platforms.