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Discover the interactive stand “Coyote Highway”. This project has been developed with Adobe AIR and Kinect.

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SEA3D and Away3D demo “Morph Effect”

Mouse move : Change camera view
Mouse Position : Morph strength
UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, SHIFT KEY: Move character
SPACE KEY: Item motion


Fullscreen Baby

Make your iPad & iPhone come alive with Fullscreen Baby! Fullscreen Baby is a pet simulation game for children and adults who like cute animations and emotions. Interact with your baby by drawing secret seals on screen and make things come alive. Grow your baby into a healthy, heavy, handsome, pretty one.

Technical info:

“Game is built with plain AS3 (non Starling, using traditional Flash display list), ¬†Adobe Air 3.8.
Older devices like iPod 4 are supported with GPU mode while others are running in CPU mode to render the vector animation in SWF faster. Animations are done in Flash professional.

forceCPURenderModeForDevices tag is used to handle rendering of old and new devices. With some light effort of optmizing, the game run nicely from ipod 4, iphone 5 to the latest retina iPad. TweenMax and Nape engine are both used in the game where performance is still reasonable on iOS. Gamekit and UIWebView ane are also used in the app for multiplayer gaming and promotional annoucements.



Cadet is general-purpose editor framework for the Flash platform.

Cadet enables users to visually edit scenes which utilise in-house or 3rd party libraries, such as the Away3D rendering engine or the Box2D physics engine. The editor provides undo/redo functionality, load/save, group select/edit and supports importing external assets into both browser and desktop versions. The Cadet component framework also supports custom Behaviours (e.g. bike or car physics), which can be scripted in AS3 and manipulated via the editor.

With the advent of hardware accelerated graphics in Flash, the platform is ready to support the development of serious games. Cadet provides a framework for developing these games and deploying them online with fully-featured editors.

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