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Mixamo and Flare3D make Flash11 3D Content fast and easy

Mixamo.com offers thousands of animations that can be applied to your characters and customized right now.

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Over 100+ cutting-edge flash experiments (made in years 2006-2011) from Simo Santavirta bundled in one gallery.

Please note that all 2011 demos are made with Flash Player 11 / Stage3D.


M&A Game

ansarada’s M&A Game is the most fun you can have outside of a bar. Choose your bankers, lawyers, accountants and of course, your data room. Now go forth and conquer. What company will you buy? At what price? Haggle, flatter or bully your way to a great deal. Compare your skills with colleagues on the leaderboards and build your empire.



Managing multiple iOS resolutions with Starling:


ANE: Google Play Game Services and Apple Game Center

This ANE is a cross-platform multi-service gaming AIR native extension. It provides a common ANE API to the Google Play Game Services (Android, iOS v7.0+) and Apple Game Center (iOS v5.0+).

The extension is simple to use and well documented and we have a complete support available in the GitHub repository for all your questions to get your game up and running quickly.

It provides the following key functionality:

  • user sign in / out
  • leaderboards
  • achievements
  • save games
  • turn based multiplayer functionality
  • Show the leaderboards you create for your game in the native UI
  • Or, retrieve leaderboard data so you can display them as you wish
  • Submit scores to multiple leaderboards
  • Retrieve the achievements you create in the administration panel
  • Update progress
  • Use both of the achievement types: single and incremental and all of the states: hidden, revealed, completed
  • Use the built in game service saved game functionality to save data for a user
  • Find people to initiate multiplayer games
  • Handle game invitations from players
  • Complete event notifications for turn status and updates
  • Take turns by updating data and passing play to another player

As always there’s a complete sample application with a very simple turn based game, complete AS Documentation and one year of updates and support.