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Adobe AIR Native Extensions round-up:

  • PhotosAlbum ANE
    ANE for save image as JPEG or PNG to iOS CameraRoll
  • DeviceFileUtil ANE
    ANE for open file with registered application on iOS
  • DeviceInfoUtil ANE
    ANE for get some information from iOS device
  • Distriqt Native Extensions Update
    ANE package update v1.12! Includes updates to the Gyroscope extension to report raw roll, pitch and yaw values.
  • Native Twitter ANE
    Adobe AIR ANE for iOS devices that allows developers to use the native Twitter framework added in iOS 5.0.
  • Appirater ANE
    Appirater is used to display “Please rate this app” dialogs.
  • Game Kit ANE
    The iOS GameKit native extension allows your game to setup real time matches for up to 4 players, send and receive custom data between players, and enable voice chat during gameplay.
  • Device Identification
    Native Extension that provides access to device identification data. It is possible to read the IMEI code, IMEI SV code, Device Serial Number, MODEL and IMSI code.
  • Contact Editor - AddressBook Native Extension
    Native Extension for iOS and Android enabling AddressBook access

  • iCloudANE
    iCloudANE is a native extension that enables the use of iCloud storage service.
  • Native Extension iOS Microphone Recorder
    iOS native extension to the capture and voice recording in iOS
  • ANE StoreKit
    Native extension that allows the use of in-app purchase capabilities. Even though StoreKit is a framework originally developed for iOS, the extension allows the use of its features on Android as well.
  • Chartboost ANE
    Air Native Extension for Chartboost (iOS + Android)
  • ANE TestFlight
    TestFlight is a service that makes the testing process of an application a much easier task.
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