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In days 12-14 VIII, in Hypermedia Isobar, we run an unusual project – Isobar Explorer. The reason why we are doing it is to enable every person who is interested in our place of work to visit it thanks to a special cosmic robot.

The machine that you can steer online enables two-sided communication between Isobar employees and the person who is steering.

This project is an idea to fight with one of the biggest social problems – unemployment. We believe that better possibilities for contacting employees with employers can significantly increase the chance for finding a better job.  A remote exploration of the company is the  opportunity to talk with people and to feel the company’s ambience. In the future we would like to offer such solutions in the form of a ready to use set, as a complement of traditional recruitment processes.

We decided to develop this interactive and multiplatform app in Flash – that was the only right way to do it in such a short time. The drive gear mechanism was created from LEGO NXT elements and it connects with AIR app installed on NEXUS 7 tablet via Bluetooth. The tablet is a “brain” and the eye of the robot cam. On one side, AIR app on tablet is connected with the drive gear mechanism (ANE Bluetooth), and on the other, it connects with the FMS server via WI-FI. The server enables the life streaming action. The app responsible for steering, queuing etc. also connects with an FMS server and it is available on isobarexplorer.com

Moreover, the app operates the backend with logging and registration which are possible also via Facebook and Google+ account. The application is dedicated to mobile devices. Unfortunately it didn’t pass the App Store verification during the teaser rate and now it is only an attraction for employees and clients visiting our agency.

It will be available to wide audience till 14 August 2013. We don’t rule out its periodical restarts.


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