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JibJab Elf Dance

Made with Starling for iOS and Android.

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Adobe AIR mobile apps showcase: Backache App

Built with Starling and Feathers. Social sharing via Milkman Games GoViral ANE and several Distriqt ANE’s including Notification, Dialog and MediaPlayer. All video was shot with an iPhone 5 due to its superior quality when compared to several HD camcorders which were tested.

That includes the promo video seen on the website backacheapp.com.

Do you get backache sitting in a chair all day?
Prolonged sitting can be extremely dangerous for you and can lead to chronic, painful and immobilising back injury.

Incorporating 2 minute micro breaks into your day will help to keep your back healthy.

Experts recommend taking micro breaks regularly, mobilising the muscles and joints that would otherwise remain static, with 2 minutes of exercise for every 20 minutes of sitting.

As you concentrate on your work however, it’s very difficult to remember to take micro breaks. And even when you do remember, knowing which exercises to perform isn’t very obvious.

If you sit in a chair all day you need a survival strategy.

This is where Backache app can help.

• Backache app will send you regular notifications when to take a micro break throughout the day.
• Simply follow the physiotherapist as he shows you which exercises to perform.
• The micro breaks can be taken at or away from your desk.
• Set up your own schedule to suit your work pattern.
• Backache app includes exercises that target all areas of the body prone to stiffness and injury from prolonged sitting including back, neck, legs, chest, feet, arms and hands.

Take proactive action and protect your back from injury due to prolonged sitting.


Flash 11.2 and Stage3D:
870 Million Triangles Per Second

From Jean-Marc Le Roux:

“New version of Minko will introduce a few major API changes. Changes are designed to provide better performances

Minko 2 will bring an incredible performance boost. Boost is so big that working with Minko 2 will be just as fast as working with the bare Stage3D API.

In order to demonstrate how fast it is, I’ve done a little stress test application:

[ Click to launch ]

More than 29 million polygons at 30 frames per second with 21 750 objects in the scene and 10 874 draw calls.. That a total of 870 million triangles per second.”

[ More info + source code here ]