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EBook: Introducing Genome2D

From James Wrightson:

Anyone who would like to learn the powerful Genome2D framework using AS3 can now read my ebook.

It is aimed at beginners and will teach you all of the cool aspects of Genome2D in an easy to digest format!

There is a $5 discount on the GOLD version if you use the promo code: indiegaming

Also, any suggestions or material you would like me to cover please ask!

Genome2D is a powerful 2D framework for AS3 that allows developers to create high performance games and applications for web, desktop and mobile platforms

This ebook will teach you the core foundation of how to use Genome2D from the ground up, using the FlashDevelop IDE. With just over 80 pages worth of material, full project source code AND a full game project.

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Bullet Heaven 2

Dodge thousands of bullets and blast hundreds of foes, in this exciting bullet hell adventure!

Game can be played with a mouse, a keyboard, or a controller. Controls are changed in the Player Select menu.


redtamarin - AS3 running on the command-line

redtamarin is based on the Tamarin project (eg. the Flash Player Virtual Machine) and allow to run AS3 code on the command-line.

But because Tamarin only support the AS3 builtins (Object, Array, etc.), redtamarin add numerous native functionalities, so you can test if your program run under Windows or Linux, or read/write files, or send data with sockets, etc.

Put another way, if Adobe AIR allow you to build desktop executable with a GUI, redtamarin allow you to build desktop/server executable with a CLI.

Mission Statement:

To support the use of the AS3 language for cross-platform command-line executable, as single exe either for the desktop or the server, as scripts for automation, as tools for the Flash Platform community.


Six Open Source Native Extensions for iOS and Android:

  • Facebook mobile SDK
  • In-App-Purchase
  • Flurry Analytics
  • Push Notification
  • Background Music Management
  • Network Information

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Video capture:
Stage3D shader that reflects environment using dynamic cube mapping.

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